Mini Luxury Quiche Selection

Price per person
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It's 1 Mini Luxury Quiche Per Person 

It's a Minimum Order for 6 People

Please note that the price quoted is the price per person

We had to take this photo really quickly - of course we cannot deliver these little wonders to you in the same way as this photo but this is to show you how great they look at any angle! We highly recommend this selection they are rich in taste and fairly unique in the style and presentation.

Handmade mini quiche selection of the finest quality - the entire selection is colourful, varied and vegetarian:

The 6 varieties: 

• Shredded Leek & Onion

• Pumpkin & Blue Cheese

• Tomato & Mini Mozzarella

• Baby Spinach & Feta Cheese

• Antipasti Vegetables

• Forest Mushroom

These are truly wonderful and guaranteed to be a successful addition to your meeting or event!

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Mini Luxury Quiche Selection

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