Oak Smoked Salmon Salad with Prawns

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1 Salad Bowl is sufficient for 1 Person

We only purchase all our Smoked salmon from 1 supplier only. We've been working with them for as long as we can remember and they farm their smoked salmon directly from the fast flowing waters of Scotland's West coast.

The salmon are from a lower density fish environment (essentially means that there is more room for the salmon to swim around in rather than keep bumping into one another) which gives our smoked salmon a better colouring and generally a healthier fish environment.

The prawns are freshwater prawns and we just mix these with a little light (low fat mayonnaise) and a squeeze of lemon so you have the perfect salad combination.

This salad is of restaurant quality and will arrive in a porcelain bowl.

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Oak Smoked Scottish Salmon made with Prawns and lemon mayonnaise with salad - it's one of our favourites!

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