Safe & Sealed Lunch Boxes - Fish Option

Price per person
In stock

It's a Minimum Order of 1 Fish Bento Box Per Person

Minimum of 24 Hours Notice

Ideal for the current lockdown lunch requirements.

Imagine a 'small chest of drawers' filled with delicious fresh food and delivered to your office. You can observe the social distancing measures and still enjoy a safely prepared meal either at your desk or in an area where you can eat safely and at a distance from others.

These are versatile, transportable and very much an exclusive offering that can be used for lunches or afternoons.

Please note that we will now be delivering this menu in recyclable, compostable packaging

What's in the different 3 drawers?

  • Drawer 1 - A Roasted Salmon Salad with Seperate Sealed Dressing 
  • Drawer 2 - Tortilla Chips with Sealed Homemade Salsa Dip
  • Drawer 3 - Homemade Brownie with an Individual Fresh Fruit Pot
  • A Sealed Cutlery Pack & Napkin
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Safe & Sealed Lunch Boxes - Fish Option

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