Safe & Sealed Lunch Boxes - Fish Option

Price per person
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It's a Minimum Order of 1 Fish Bento Box Per Person

Minimum of 24 Hours Notice

Ideal for the current lockdown lunch requirements.

Imagine a 'small chest of drawers' filled with delicious fresh food and delivered to your office in a handy brown paper bag.You can observe the social distancing measures and still enjoy a safely prepared meal either at your desk or in an area where you can eat safely and at a distance from others.

These are versatile, transportable and very much an exclusive offering that can be used for lunches or afternoons.

What's in the different 3 drawers?

  • Drawer 1 - A Roasted Salmon Salad with Seperate Sealed Lemon Mayo Dressing 
  • Drawer 2 - Tortilla Chips with Sealed Homemade Salsa Dip
  • Drawer 3 - Homemade Brownie with an Individual Fresh Fruit Platter
  • A Sealed Cutlery Pack & Napkin
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Safe & Sealed Lunch Boxes - Fish Option

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