The Tiger Eye Red

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It's a Minimum Order of 8 People

Please note that the price quoted is the price per person

In this menu selection we offer as follows: 

  •  A Selection of our Artisan Classics Rolls (Approx 4pp) 
  •  4 Varieties of Our Chefs Daily Changing Finger Foods
  •  Our Mini Bowl Food Selection of The Day (1 bowl pp)
  •  A Colourful & Healthy Platter of Crudities
  •  A Selection of Luxury Mini Dessert Pots (1pp) 
  •  Open Scones with Strawberry Conserve & Cream (1pp)

A vegetarian selection is included and we always serve the vegetarian options separately.

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The Red Emerald This working lunch menu includes a selection from our Artisan Classics range - Whereas a traditional sliced loaf of mass-produced bread might have nearly twenty ingredients, artisan bread will have closer to five. These are truly delectable rolls - not available widely and generously filled with the freshest ingredients. The breads are all generously filled with our weekly selection of meat, fish and vegetarian fillings. Included within this menu selection are 3 varieties of our chefs daily seasonal finger selection. ( If you want see examples of some of these finger food items then have a peek at our 'Just Finger Food' section but we always have a meat, fish & vegetarian option within this menu selection). In addition to the finger food, each of your attendees for the meeting will receive an individual, little porcelain bowl of beautifully fresh cold bowl food. Variety, colour and freshness is a promise and quality a guarantee! You can see the style of the food at You'll also receive a full platter of freshly cut crudities with dips that will illuminate the spark into your meeting. To conclude your lunch we'll include some open scones with fresh cream and strawberry conserve and these will be accompanied by our own, individual shot glasses of real Belgian chocolate mousse with a seasonal fruit coulis. We always serve the vegetarian options seperately. It's a minimum order of 8 people So for example, if you had a meeting for 8 then just order The Red Emerald for 8 and we'll do the rest! Please note that the price quoted below is the price per person

Artisan Classics / 4 Types of Finger Food / Individual Mini Bowl Food / Crudities / Individual Chocolate Mousse / Open Scones
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