Tofu & Greens In Soya Sauce With Red Chilli & Rice

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It's a Minimum Order for 12 People

48 hours notice required

This menu is of Indo-Chinese heritage - the tofu is fried until crisp, then doused in garlic, chillies, tomato, soy and sugar until sticky, hot, sweet and sour. We then add the variety of seasonal greens to give the colour and texture. There is nothing not to like: it is brazenly addictive stuff and a great treat for Vegans and Vegetarians ( or anyone wishing to move away from meat )

The rice is steamed and plain so you can feel & taste the flavours of the main dish.

How Do I order?

 Firstly we will need 48 Hours Notice  – you may want to call one of the team just to make sure you understand how this works!

Please order only through our website 

We really need at least 12 people in your office to order these types of meals but remember the food all arrives separately boxed and individually bagged – have a look at the other photos on the left so you can visualise some similar menus we have delivered.

How will the food be delivered?

The food will be delivered in one of our temperature controlled vans and by one of our team. The box will be placed in Individual bags – each meal is sealed and can be re-heated in a microwave for around 2 to 3 minutes.  It is best that you loosen the lid when you place in the microwave for heating.

The food will be served as an INDIVIDUAL PORTION in a special re-heatable container with lid ( see small picture on the left )  and come with a sealed cutlery pack and serviette so you can then just 'heat me - eat me'

All Allergens are listed below on our website - if you have any guests with severe allergic reactions you need to be careful - if in doubt then call us before you order.

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Tofu & Greens In Soya Sauce With Red Chilli

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