Trio of Baby Chocolate Lollipops

Price per person
In stock

It's 1 Lollipop per Person 

It's a Minimum Order for 6 People = 6 Baby Lollipops

These babies can only be ordered in denominations of 6 

A beautiful assortment of our chef's miniature chocolate lollipops - 1 bite and they have gone.

There are 3 varieties - you will receive a selection of each variety below

  • White Chocolate with Blueberry & Cinnamon Sugar
  • Milk Chocolate with Cocoa Pepper
  • Dark Chocolate with Cranberry, Walnut & Sesame

Let's just say that these delectable little lollipops can be used as the 'ice breaker' during the meeting!

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A delightful selection of sweet chocolate lollipops

  • White chocolate with blueberry & cinnamon sugar
  • Milk chocolate with cocoa pepper
  • Dark chocolate with cranberry, walnut & sesame
If you order for 6 people we'll send you 6 baby chocolate lollipops
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