Two Tone Grape Skewers

Price per person
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It's 1 Two Tone Grapes Skewer Per Person 

It's a Minimum Order for 6 People

We wash the grapes when they arrive and individually skewer them so you can simply pick up and eat.

No pips, no fuss just great grapes - and now in 2 colours!

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Two Tone Grapes

Eating whole fresh fruit (particularly a bunch of grapes) can be problematic in an office meeting or function.  It can be messy and sometimes slippery! If a whole bunch of grapes are delivered to an office meeting they often look great. However, we found that there were a few issues in how you would eat grapes:  

1. Do you lie on the desk, hold the grapes over your mouth and eat them Cleopatra style?  (Depends who's in the meeting maybe!)

2. What about the client  who enters the meeting half way into it only to be confronted by  a half-eaten, messy bunch of grapes on a plate? (He/she should have arrived on time you might think so he should be grateful for anything that's going)

The story behind this menu offering is quite simple - grapes are a particular problem and the idea behind this product was to really take the fuss out of eating fruit in a simple and manageable way. It also minimises waste which is really important.

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