Vegetarian Lasagne With Garlic Bread Menu

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It's a Minimum Order for 12 People

48 hours notice required

This menu consists of a homemade Vegetarian Lasagne With Garlic Bread

This vegetarian lasagne has a rich tomato sauce and a hint of heat from the chilli flakes. We used portabello mushrooms, courgettes and roasted peppers for the filling.  The white sauce is thick and creamy, with extra cheesiness from the mature British cheddar and a gratedf layer of parmesan to finish - just how mama in Palermo used to make it! ( But without the cheddar )

The Garlic bread will be sent at room temperature - if you want it to be soggy we can send it hot!

How Do I order?

 Firstly we will need 48 Hours Notice  – you may want to call one of the team just to make sure you understand how this works!

We really need at least 12 people in your office to order these types of meals but remember the food all arrives in a sharing style tray.

How will the food be delivered?

The food will be delivered in one of our temperature controlled vans and by one of our team (not a courier). 

 We always prepare your meal fresh from our 5 star rated kitchen and the food is delivered directly to you and kept warm whilst in transit in one of our thermoboxes ( simply means a special box that keeps your food warm whilst travelling from us to you).  

 The food will arrive at your agreed time and the driver will carefully remove your order from the thermobox and leave it in a convenient location.

 The food will be presented to you in a large foil tray with lid.  You can also order from us a sealed cutlery and serviette pack so you can then just ‘serve and eat’ on arrival.

All allergens are listed below on our website - if you have any guests with severe allergic reactions you need to be careful - if in doubt then call us before you order.

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Vegetarian Lasagne With Garlic Bread

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