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VIP Individually Plated Lunches

Price per person


Please note that this lunch is individually tailored for 1 person

You can order for a minimum of 4 people

Each person will receive an individually plated lunch & individual dessert - just like in the photos on the left!


This lunch will be plated for 1 person only - on a solid china platter and with an individual dessert platter to follow.

The lunch would consist of the following:


•  An Individual Bowl of Fresh Greek Salad 

•  4 Different types of Sandwiches 

•  4 Varieties of Finger Food 

•  A Separately plated Mini Dessert 


vegetarian selection is included within this menu.

VIP Individually Plated Lunches

A Working Lunch can be a distraction - a lot of leaning over and serving - especially if there is a presentation going on at the same time.

For some of our more discerning clients they want an individually tailored lunch with no fuss, no distractions but just a well presented lunch with a lot of choice colour and vibrance.

Ideal if your CEO has a small meeting in his office or an 'around the table discussion' with the board or any similar style of meeting.

48 hours