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Established since 1974, Owen Brothers are one of the longest standing business and private caterers in and around London. We are a caterer with heritage, tradition and flair who specialise in all types of office, institutional, government and event catering.

Our knowledge and experience means that we can be trusted to deliver the finest quality of food, beautifully prepared and presented each and every time.

Owen Brothers have been providing catering services for all types of meetings and events and we have established relationships and ‘know how’ at all levels within the companies and clients that we deliver.

As you can imagine, it has taken us some time to individually photograph each of our menu items for this website ( and we still haven’t included everything we do!)  However one thing that you can be sure of is that we have not used one ‘bought in’ or ‘air brushed’ photograph of food on our website.  Yes believe it or not, we have collectively prepared and presented each and every menu item on this website.  We believe that this is what makes us unique and why our clients keep ordering from us again and again – they see and feel our genuine passion for honest good food, our attention to detail, our willingness to bend over backwards to give you what you want and the fact that we still prepare the majority of our menus in the most traditional way and only using the finest ingredients.

Being responsible for the ordering of food for meetings is not an exact science – particularly when you don’t know the likes and dislikes of the people attending.  Using our website enables you to see in advance what you will receive when you order food from us.   You can even send links to your potential attendees from our website so they can assist in choosing a menu option.  After all, it’s one thing caterers mentioning fancy names on a website and on their menus only for you ( and your clients ) to be disappointed when the food arrives as it’s never what you thought it would be or how it should be presented.  We believe that a great caterer is also a reflection of your organisation and you individually.  Our website sets out to respond to these requests and ensure that as far as possible, whoever orders from us, will have a good idea about the type of food we will deliver.

The menus on this website have been planned in consultation with our clients, suppliers and our experienced teams at Owen Brothers. Our commitment to you is that we will always endeavour to meet individual tastes so do let us know if there is something that you would like us to prepare and keep our teams of expert chefs as busy as possible!

You may also be interested in knowing that at our most recent food hygiene inspection, we received the highest award of 5 stars by the Food Standards Agency and Environmental Health.

Please note that all our prices contained within this menu exclude VAT.