Anti Pasti Platter with Houmous Dip

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Our anti pasti platters are kept simple.  Different colourful portions of grilled artichokes, mediterranean roasted peppers, Greek olives, chargrilled courgettes, mozzarella skewers and pitta breads.

They often are served with an appropriate dip - we like to use Houmous

This is suitable for vegetarians.

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Anti Pasti Platter with Houmous Dip

We take the freshest vegetables and carefully slice them and we try our best to make them the size to provide a bite or two, and easy to hold in the hand, or place on a small plate or napkin. Anti Pasti platters are a great choice when serving either as a stand alone selection or alongside one of our working lunch menus, since they will appeal to dieters, who can fill up on these lower calorie entries.

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