Large Egyptian Linen Tablecloths

Price per Linen Tablecloths
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Large Egyptian Linen Tablecloths

The price quoted is the price per cloth and includes a wash charge per cloth


Tell us the size of your table and we'll find the cloth that fits best.

A few points for you to remember: If you are using your tablecloths over more than 1 day then you may need to change the cloths each day - bear this in mind - people spill things!

If it is only for one day then 1 set of tablecloths should be fine.

Please note the sizes we offer and make a note of which size you require in the Special Comments Box at checkout:

1.35m x 1.35m ( Square )

1.78m x 1.78m ( Square)

2.25m x 2.25m (Square)

2.70m x 1.78m ( Rectangle)

We do a lot more styles, shapes, colours - why not call us if you want to chat the options through.

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