Mini Premiere Cake Selection

Price per person
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2 Mini Cakes per Person 

It's a Minimum Order for 6 People

A beautiful assortment of our chef's miniature finger pastries and deliciously sweet mini bites - 1 bite and they have gone.

Please beware these mini cakes are deceptively small - our photo makes them look bigger - it really was not intentional - they just look bigger than they are!

If you are after a larger mini cake (if that makes sense?) then checkout out our premiere afternoon tea selection - they are 2 bites and they've gone - please see the image below in the related items.

Our catering menu of miniature premiere cakes continuously change and can include, but are not limited to: mini chocolate eclairs, small cream slices filled with raspberry jam and topped with fondant icing, little lemon tarts, mini brownies, mini passion fruit cakes etc.

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A delightful selection of sweet mini cakes consisting of our chefs selection of finger pastries and little sweet bites

If you order for 6 people we'll send you 12 mini cakes in total
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