Open Scottish Smoked Salmon Bagels with Light Cream Cheese

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It's 2 Open Bagels Person 

It's a Minimum Order for 6 People

Please note the price quoted is per person

The photo speaks for itself!

A hand crafted rose of Scottish Smoked Salmon made fresh each morning with a light layer of soft cream cheese and finished with fresh dill.
This can be served (in our opinion) at anytime of the day - for a breakfast meeting, mid morning, accompaniment to a lunch menu or afternoon tea. 

At the turn of the 20th century, our smoked salmon supplier was widely recognised as the most skilled salmon filleter and curer in London. His daily visits to The Old Billingsgate Market gave him the opportunity to select the finest quality fish, straight from the rivers of Scotland, for his unique and careful curing over slowly smouldering oak dust. 

There is no vegetarian selection as part of this menu.

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Open Scottish Smoked Salmon Bagels with Light Cream Cheese


Working in traditional premises in the heart of the east end of London, the family developed a product that became synonymous with the quality and flavours learned throughout the years. The care, attention and friendly service they continue to offer is still remembered by many smoked salmon lovers to this day.

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