Premiere Seafood Platter

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It's a Minimum Order for 8 People

Please note that the price quoted is the price per person

This is a wonderful fresh display of only the finest fresh fish that we can get hold of on the morning of your delivery.

You'll always have the finest Scottish Smoked Salmon, Gravlax and Large peeled King Prawns. The variation is around what other fish we can get on the day. In the photo we have seared some fresh tuna and sliced it for a client who specifically wanted this fish on the menu.

Of course we will include a selection of speciality breads, some classic dips (like dill sauce with the Gravlax, a marie-rose sauce for the King Prawns and some soy sauce for the seared Tuna).

It's beautiful fresh and full of colour and is a great way of providing some additional variety to a working lunch or even on its own!

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