Vegan Crown Pastry Selection

Price per person
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It's 1 Vegan pastry per person 

It's a Minimum Order for 6 People

All our pastries are freshly baked from the moment the breakfast team  arrive at 4 am and then carefully delivered to your meeting.

In this selection we have (variety may vary some days) :

  • An orange-flavoured crown with a subtle caramelised taste thanks to brown sugar and a crunchy hazelnut topping
  • An indulgent crown with a creamy vanilla flavour, brown sugar and a hazelnut topping
  • A delicious cherry centre with a very fruity taste with a brown flax seed topping for a very colourful and indulgent crown.

Each pastry is around 11 cm, hand baked and then individually finished with a light dusting of icing sugar and glaze (where appropriate)

Dont feel you can only order these for vegans - they are superb pastries and in our opinion, better, if not as good as our standard pastries 

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