Vegan Fresh Crudities with Vegan Dips

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Crudités are sliced or whole small vegetables that may make up a first course of a meal, or are more commonly found as appetizers in banquet style eating.

They often are served with an appropriate dip - we use 3 varieties;


• Guacamole 
• Vegan Light Mayonnaise
• Vegan Salsa


This is suitable for both vegans & vegetarians

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Vegan Fresh Crudities To Share

We take the freshest vegetables and carefully slice them and we try our best to make them the size to provide a bite or two, and easy to hold in the hand, or place on a small plate or napkin. Crudités are a great choice when serving either as a stand alone selection or alongside one of our working lunch menus, since they will appeal to dieters, who can fill up on these lower calorie entries.

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