Fresh Orange Juice

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1 Litre of Fresh Orange Juice

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Tropicana was founded in 1947 by Anthony Rossi. Did you know that Tropicana is the largest producer of chilled orange juice in the world? Tropicana, like all orange juice, is packed with vitamins and heart-healthy antioxidants and other nutrients. Apples get all the credit for helping you avoid doctors, but oranges can hold their own as far as health benefits are concerned. 

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Fresh Orange Juice

A serving of Tropicana orange juice contains 110 calories. Carbohydrates account for approximately 102 calories and protein accounts for the remaining 8 calories. Tropicana orange juice doesn't contain any fat. A serving of Tropicana orange juice provides 5.5 percent of the daily value for total calories based on a diet of 2,000 calories per day.

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