Large Bowl of Camargue Red Rice Salad

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Each bowl is sufficient for upto 8 people 

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Camargue, a part of France that had, for some reason, completely eluded my knowledge of the country.

There are cowboys — French cowboys, who ride around on snowy white horseback in flat grasslands, herding (I had always thought that the Americans had the monopoly on cowboys) and beautiful crystalline salts being dried out in the sun. Local restaurants serve stews made of the bulls herded down the grasslands. That is where Camargue red rice comes from.

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Camargue red rice is a relatively new variety of rice cultivated in the wetlands of the Camargue region of southern France. It is a short-grained and unmilled variety of rice and is therefore quite sticky. It is a brownish-red colour. It has an intense somewhat nutty taste and a naturally chewy texture. We recently discovered Camarge red rice at the supermarket; It looks like long-grains of black rice merged with brown basmati rice, and turned a deep russet red. It has a chewy texture and a delicious mild but present flavor. We cook it as the French do, like pasta, in a huge pot of salted boiling water until it is al dente, and then we drain it in a colander and add an array of other fresh vegetables to give this salad some colour and texture.

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