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Savoury Indian Pastry

Price per person


It's 4 Pieces Per Person 

It's a Minimum Order for 6 People

Please note that the price quoted is the price per person

You will have a selection of the 4 varieties of Indian Savouries in the list below:

  •  Vegtable Pakoras 
  •  Mini Onion Bhajis
  •  Mini Spicy Potato Cakes
  •  Vegetarian Samosas

All the above will be accompanied by chefs homemade yoghurt mint dip and a sprinkling of coriander. It's 4 pieces per person (1 of each variety from the list above)

Four varieties of savoury Indian pastry, the best of vegeratian catering: vegetable pakoras, onion bhajis, spicy potato cakes and vegetarian samosas.

So, for example, if you ordered for 6 people we will send you 6 pieces of the vegetable pakoras, 6 pieces of the mini onion bhajis, 6 pieces of the spicy potato cakes and 6 pieces of the vegetarian samosas.