Selection of cake bars

Price per person
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It's 1 Cake Bar Per Person 

It's a Minimum Order for 6 People

Just like the ones in your local coffee shop!

These are truly delicious cake bars all made by hand using the same ingredients that you would find in your own kitchen.

Some of our varieties include:

•Shortbread caramel fudge with cranberries

•Wholesome Granola oats and fruits with syrup and marmalade

•Chocolate brownie with a smooth Belgian Ganache

•Zesty Lemon cake


In fact this is another menu item where the list goes on and on but we don't want to bore you with all the detail just think decadence, variety and choice!

It's 1 cake bar per person and we normally would cut the bar in half to make sure it's as easy to eat as possible.

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Selection of cake bars - just like the ones in your local coffee shop!
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