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Afternoon Tea Catering Made Interesting With Owen Brothers

Afternoon tea is probably the most exciting part of the day. You get to have that relieving break from the continuous screen time and get the chance to satisfy your afternoon snacking thoughts. But we know that it gets tough to choose the right thing to eat. Rice cakes get too heavy, and a glass of juice gets way too light. The most relieving thing is having an afternoon tea delivery in the UK that offers a list of snacks made according to your cravings. Whether you want to have something as light as cupcakes or as filling as sandwiches, we have got your afternoon tea catering covered. Enter the Owen Brothers online store and explore the options you can fill your stomach with.

Our options for tea snacks might excite you because there is more than just “tea.” You can choose from various options, including pastry trays, strawberries scones, and more. If you don’t want to waste your time looking for the food stores and straight away get afternoon tea delivery, enter Owen Brothers.

Looking for us to choose the best for you? At your service! Find below the sumptuous list of eatables that you can have during the afternoon tea hour.

1. Baby Scones with Strawberries and Cream

Ever felt like satisfying your cravings with sweet delicacies? This is the right match for you. Our serving of baby open scones with cream and conserve is going to bring ultimate pleasure to your taste buds. With the right beverage, this would taste out of this world. Our afternoon tea catering is right at your fingertips. Get it right now.

2. Premiere Afternoon Tea Selection

Hard to choose what to get for yourself and your office best friends? Make the right choice to satisfy everyone in the group with this premiere afternoon tea selection. Get afternoon tea catering for your group of 6 friends and share 1.5 cakes each. Sounds cute and delicious right? Read more about flavors; you’ll not be able to resist ordering.

3. Afternoon tea sandwiches

This is one of the most chosen options (obviously) as you get to fill your little hunger with delicious little sandwiches. This is something that you won’t regret eating (don’t worry, you won’t skip dinner after this). It will keep you full until your supper. Use Owen Brothers afternoon tea delivery to get this mouth-watering afternoon snack straight to your address.

4. Little Fruit Tartlettes

Get this tart tray for your group. The delicious fruit tartlettes will feel relieving if you have tiny mice running in your tummy. Our afternoon tea delivery in London can come as the right solution if you crave something like fruits but served more deliciously.

5. Eton Mess with a Twist

Enjoy this traditional English dessert when your taste buds want something heavenly delicious. Owen Brother’s afternoon tea delivery in UK can bring you this pack of strawberries mixed with meringue and cream. You wouldn’t want to miss its taste.

Owen Brothers are your go-to store if you crave afternoon snacks. Choose any of these top options or other delicious food items and get them delivered to your doorstep. Our afternoon tea delivery in London has got your tummy’s back (pun intended). Order right away.