The taste of Christmas in a glass!

One of the first thoughts that pops into the majority of our heads when we are trying to organise a great party, is what drinks are we going to serve?

Since it’s Christmas Mulled wine will be the seasonal tipple expected to make an appearance.

Nothing can quite live up to an aromatic, warm glass of delicately sweetened, yet, spiced mulled red wine, especially amidst friends on a cold and frosty evening.

What a perfect way to begin the festivities and get your guests to relax and bring on some much-awaited Christmas cheer!

We, at Owen Brothers Catering, have a variety of inviting alcoholic beverages (browse our wine list) which will no doubt, quench the thirst & tantalise the tastebuds of your guests.

Mulled Wine

Mulled Wine is a given and it will always be the King of Drinks at any respected Christmas Party.

Our Scrumptious Mulled wine will definitely reach you at the perfect temperature in specially insulated flasks. Simply pour and Enjoy!

** 1 flask is sufficient for 12 people **

Owen Brothers Catering, have a good variety of inviting alcoholic beverages which will no doubt, quench the thirst & tantalise the tastebuds of your guests.

Shown above (from left to right);

Champagne-Veuve Clicquot

Red Wine-Fleurie

White WIne-Sancerre


Our vast menu of beverages is not limited to wines only. We offer a wide range of drinks for teetotalers as well.

Have a look at our non-alcoholic variety.

Glass Bottled Soft Drinks

Introducing the Extremely Popular Fentimans Range......

Your guests will be really spoilt for choice as we have 4 Mouth-Watering Distinguished flavours which have been botanically brewed using only the finest natural ingredients.

* Ginger beer made of the finest fiery Chinese ginger root.

* Mandarin and Seville Orange Jigger, a fruitful combination of eight juicy mandarins & the zest of a Seville orange.

* Curiosity Cola, a distinct, warm & spicy cola with a background of citrus notes.

* Victorian lemonade consisting of one and a half zingy lemons.



For all the juice lovers, We have a nice selection of Folkington’s Cold Pressed Juices made with love sourced from the finest of ingredients around the world.

All juices are Naturally Sweetened with No added sugar, preservatives or additives.

Here at Owen Brothers Catering, we have something for everyone. Ranging from Warm Aromatic Mulled Wine to Bubbly Champagne, From Refreshing Soft drinks to Cold Pressed Juices. We’ve got you covered!

***To avoid disappointment please be sure to order at least 48hrs in advance***

***Please refer to our website for full terms and conditions when ordering food***